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Advanced Filters for your Wix website database

Advanced Filters for your Wix website database

Velo Code Solution

Wix Platform has quite an easy-to-use convenient database (Content Manager) that can be filled in with custom data that can be fed into repeaters and dynamic pages across the site.
However to allow users to filter this data it is only possible to set up Dropdown Filters (with certain limitations still) without Velo coding in Wix.
For all other types of filters Velo code is needed:
Price Sliders
Word search filters (full or partial)
Star rating
Tag Search
Filter logic can be:
AND logic
Use AND logic to find items that fulfil all requirements within a collection of filter or path rules. 
So the search would be minimised as a customer selects more and more filters thus getting to a more personalised result.
OR logic
Use OR logic to find items that satisfy at least one of a set of filter or path rules.
Filtering allows users of your site to navigate through hundreds and thousands of records in your database records that are displayed on the page.


Wix Velo Code