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Wix Velo Code 5 Useful Tips

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Wix Velo Code 5 Useful Tips

Whatever the industry you are in, there are many tips and tricks that you can benefit from when coding your websites with Wix Velo. Maybe that is why it is the most used web-publishing platform out there, with over 50+ million users across the globe!

Wix Velos flexibility and user-friendly design mean that those with very little to no experience at all can easily go on to build and publish their websites. Whilst on the other hand, it provides those with advanced coding experience the opportunity to access and code their own websites and that of their clients while also being able to benefit from Wix Velos add-ons, an App marketplace, templates, tricks, and more.

Here are our top 5 recommendations:

1. No more forms that require you to create several pages.

Velo Code Form

If you have a form that requires many transitions, there is no need to make several pages as done in the past. This often slows sites down and can result in a negative experience for users in most cases. Instead, Wix Velo code enables you to place one Multi-State Box within your site that switch its states, resulting in more of a fluid experience for users and reduced loading times, as they no longer have to trail through and load page after page in order to fill out a form.

2. Additions to the parameters of photos fitmod for dynamic information.

Additions to the parameters of photos fitmod for dynamic information

3. Sending emails using dynamically filled values.

Sending emails using dynamically filled values

E-mail personalization is more important today than ever before, as it helps clients and buyers alike to be able to sift through the junk mail that they are constantly bombarded with in order to get exactly what they are looking for.


Wix Velo allows you to use email templates or create your own newsletters and emails. You can then enter dynamic values into the emails and the subject headings, adding a touch of personalization. In summary, dynamic values include variables such as names, products, order numbers, and more. Enabling you to tailor-make emails for a variety of purposes.

4. Creation and sending of emails through third-party services.

Wix has a fantastic marketplace with thousands of Apps available for its users. In fact, many of the Apps are free, while some do require subscriptions and payments. Each App has been designed to help you to get the most out of your website.

Newsletter Apps such as Privy and Mail Chimp not only help you to create and send newsletters but also to capture new subscribers with the help of pop-up boxes, abandoned cart emails, and more.

5. Add additional functionality for customers when placing an order.

In addition to sending out abandoned cart emails, Wix Velo offers many other opportunities to increase sales - cross-selling, related products, and wish lists are just a few.


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