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Wix Enterprise: WhY wix is good for enterprise clients?

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, enterprises are in constant search for platforms that can offer robust, scalable, and reliable solutions for their online presence. Wix, a renowned website builder, has emerged as a strong contender in catering to the intricate needs of large businesses and organizations. Here are some compelling reasons why Wix is a choice worth considering for enterprise clients:

1. Tailored Enterprise Solutions:

- Wix Enterprise is a dedicated solution crafted to meet the demands of large businesses and organizations. The platform provides a unified dashboard from where enterprises can manage every aspect of their organization ranging from sites, teams, and roles to plans and domains. This centralized management system enhances productivity and ensures seamless operations.

wix enterprise

2. Speed and Scalability:

- The speed of website creation and deployment is unparalleled with Wix. Thanks to its no-code editor augmented with reusable, developer-built components and content blocks. This not only accelerates the site creation process but also ensures rapid deployment at scale. Moreover, the flexibility in design that Wix offers is something most businesses can only dream of.

- Additionally, Wix's hosting infrastructure is globally distributed with 11 data centers across 4 continents, bolstered by over 200 CDN nodes. This ensures best-in-class site performance regardless of where your users are located.

3. Advanced Security and Reliability:

- Security is a paramount concern for enterprises, and Wix has it covered with top-notch security features. Your site is hosted on Wix’s secure servers and protected with SSL encryption, ensuring a safe and reliable platform. Furthermore, Wix’s Site History feature automatically backs up your site data, adding an extra layer of protection.

4. Ease of Integration and Customization:

- Integration is a breeze with Wix. Whether it's integrating a Google Calendar or customizing the mobile version of your site, Wix offers an intuitive interface that makes these tasks straightforward. The platform also excels in template editing and app integration, which is especially beneficial for those new to website creation or business in general.

5. Professional Services and Support:

- Wix is known for its exemplary customer support. The continuous improvements in customer support ensure that enterprises have the needed assistance whenever required. This proactive customer support is a boon for enterprises ensuring smooth operation of their online platforms.

6. Trendy Technological Adoption:

- Adapting to modern digital trends is crucial for enterprises to stay competitive. Wix is at the forefront of adopting modern SEO and digital marketing trends. The platform is optimized for voice search, mobile devices, and high-quality content creation which are crucial for enhancing online visibility and user engagement. The emphasis on staying updated with modern SEO guidelines and the changing landscape of the internet makes Wix a future-ready platform.

Trendy Technological Adoption


The blend of tailor-made enterprise solutions, cutting-edge technology, and unwavering support makes Wix a commendable choice for large businesses seeking to enhance their online presence and operational efficiency. With Wix, enterprises not only get a platform that meets their current needs but also a partner ready to evolve with the changing digital trends, ensuring a future-ready online platform.

The detailed examination above elucidates why Wix is not only adept at meeting the intricate needs of large enterprises but also positioned at the forefront of modern web technology, making it a go-to platform for businesses aiming to thrive in the digital realm.

For enterprises looking to leverage the full potential of Wix for their online platforms, Davydov Consulting, a web design agency based in London, is ready to assist. With a team of seasoned professionals, Davydov Consulting can help craft a website that not only meets your business objectives but also provides a stellar user experience.


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