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Transitioning from Editor X to Wix Studio: A Comprehensive Guide

Transitioning from Editor X to Wix Studio

Editor X is undergoing a significant transformation, transitioning into Wix Studio, a platform engineered for the utmost convenience of professionals crafting websites for their clients. This move is not just a change in name but an upgrade to a more powerful and versatile toolset designed to elevate your web design game to new heights. By updating your sites from Editor X to the Studio Editor, you are taking a step into a realm of enhanced design capabilities and functionalities. The transition has been made to be as smooth as possible, ensuring a seamless changeover with no requirement for a site rebuild. Moreover, during this transition, your live site will remain intact and unaffected, ensuring no disruption to your or your clients' online presence.

For those hesitant about making the immediate jump, it is possible to continue using Editor X for a limited time. However, it's important to note that eventually, all Editor X sites will be mandatorily updated to Wix Studio. Users will be given plenty of notice ahead of this automatic transition, allowing ample time to prepare and acquaint themselves with the new environment. This approach ensures that all users will benefit from the advanced features and capabilities of Wix Studio, reinforcing the commitment to providing the best possible toolset for web professionals. It's an inevitable shift designed to ensure everyone is on the most advanced and supportive platform available.

Key Update Details:

Editor X to Wix Studio - Key Update Details

  • Understand the changes and new features before transitioning.

  • Your live site remains unaffected during the update.

  • Dashboard, SEO, and site settings are retained.

  • Premium plans, domains, and subscriptions remain active and linked.

For users of the free version of Editor X considering an upgrade, the process remains open for now. You have the option to purchase an Editor X Premium plan to enhance your site with advanced features and capabilities. But it's important to note that from January 8, 2024, the landscape will change, and the only plans available for purchase will be the new Wix Studio plans. This shift is part of the broader transition strategy, ensuring all users have access to the most advanced tools and features. For those with extensive libraries and assets saved in Editor X, these will remain in your Editor X account. However, they won't be directly transferable to the Studio Editor, but there's a workaround. By incorporating these assets into an Editor X site you're updating to Wix Studio, you can then save them into your Studio libraries post-update.

The coding environment, Velo, will continue to be available in its current form, offering the same capabilities and functionalities that users have come to rely on. For those looking for an expanded coding experience, the new Wix IDE is introduced as part of the Wix Studio platform. This VS Code-based IDE is designed to enhance your coding environment, allowing you to edit your site's code directly in your browser or locally, using Git Integration. It's a significant enhancement, offering features such as the ability to code in a familiar, full-fledged IDE, collaborate with other developers, access the Wix AI Assistant for coding support, and work in a separate window from the editor to reduce screen clutter. This comprehensive approach to the coding environment is indicative of the broader shift towards a more powerful, flexible, and user-friendly platform in Wix Studio.

Transition to Wix Studio:

Transition to Wix Studio

  • Your sites and team will move to a new workspace with additional benefits.

  • Partner program benefits remain the same.

  • Some limitations in Studio Editor: vertical sections editing and image scroll effects changes.

  • Pinned and sticky sections might display slight variations.

  • Certain click and hover interactions in Editor X are unsupported in Studio Editor.

With the transition to Wix Studio, your sites and team will move to a new workspace that comes packed with additional benefits and features. This new workspace is designed to let you and your team manage multiple sites more efficiently, create reusable custom templates and apps, and benefit from tailor-made solutions specifically designed for agencies, such as client handover kits, a Customer Care dashboard, and access to a visible product roadmap. For existing Wix partners, there's no need for concern, as the new workspace includes all the same partner benefits, points, and features you're accustomed to. This transition is not just about changing the platform but enhancing the entire ecosystem in which you manage and develop sites, providing a more integrated, efficient, and powerful environment for you and your team.

Updating Process:

Editor X to Wix Studio - Updating Process

  • Site owners and co-owners can initiate the update.

  • Follow the on-screen prompts in Editor X to transition.

  1. Open the relevant site in Editor X. 

  2. (In the pop-up) Click Next.

  3. Click Update to Wix Studio.

  4. The update may take a few minutes to complete. 

  • After updating, explore tutorials and new features in the Studio Editor.

The transition process itself has been meticulously planned to be as straightforward and hassle-free as possible. When an Editor X site is ready for the update, a notification will appear as soon as you open the editor. From there, it's a simple matter of following the on-screen prompts to initiate the update to Wix Studio. The process is designed with convenience in mind, ensuring that even those who are less tech-savvy can navigate the transition smoothly. Before you begin, it's advised to close any other editor tabs that are open and ensure that no one else is working on the site at the moment. Only site owners and co-owners have the authority to perform the update, ensuring that the transition is conducted by those with the appropriate level of control and responsibility. The update itself may take a few minutes to complete, but once done, you're free to explore the new and enhanced Studio Editor at your own pace. Tutorials and support materials are readily available to help you get acquainted with the new features and functionalities.


In conclusion, the transition from Editor X to Wix Studio marks a significant step forward in web design and development, offering enhanced functionalities, a more streamlined workflow, and a range of new features. While the update process is gradual, ensuring a smooth transition for all users, it brings forth the promise of a more advanced and user-friendly platform. The continuity of premium plans, partner benefits, and the ability to access historical revisions in the Studio Editor ensures that users experience a seamless changeover with minimal disruption to their existing workflows. As we approach April 2024, when the creation of new sites on Editor X will cease, it's a timely reminder for users to start embracing Wix Studio for its innovative capabilities. This transition not only signifies technological advancement but also represents a commitment to providing professionals with the best tools and resources to excel in the ever-evolving world of web design.


Why should I update to Wix Studio?

Upgrading to Wix Studio provides access to advanced functionalities and a more streamlined workflow. This new platform is designed with the latest technology to enhance your web design and development process. It offers improved tools, better integration, and a user-friendly interface, all of which contribute to a more efficient and productive work environment.

When will the update to Wix Studio be available for my site?

The availability of the update to Wix Studio is being rolled out gradually. This phased approach ensures a smooth transition for all users. Therefore, not all sites will have immediate access to the update. Users will be notified when their sites are eligible for the upgrade, ensuring everyone is adequately prepared for the transition.

What happens to my existing Premium plan after the update?

Your current Premium plans will remain active and connected to your sites even after updating to Wix Studio. This means you can continue enjoying the features and benefits of your existing plan. Additionally, there is an option to switch to a Wix Studio plan if you prefer, which might offer different or additional features compared to your current plan.

Can I still create new sites on Editor X?

The ability to create new sites on Editor X will be available until April 2024. Post this date, the platform will fully transition to Wix Studio, and all new sites will need to be created on Wix Studio. Users are encouraged to start familiarizing themselves with Wix Studio and begin using it for new projects as the transition progresses.

Is it possible to revert back to Editor X after updating to Wix Studio?

Once a site is updated to Wix Studio, it is not possible to revert it back to Editor X. However, you can still access old revisions of your site through the Studio Editor. This feature ensures that you have access to your site's history and can reference previous versions if needed, providing a continuity of your work and design history.


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