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How to Add Google Analytics to Wix?

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

It is essential for the owners of any Internet resource to keep track of everything that happens on its site. The collected data will help web admins notice problems with site navigation in time, analyze the popularity of the content, and take essential steps to improve their site. The most popular tool for collecting and analyzing statistics is Google Analytics. This article will teach you how to connect a Google Analytics resource ID to a WIX site.

With Google Analytics, you can track the following data:

  • The number of page visitors.

  • Where visitors come from (devices, geo).

  • How long do they stay?

  • What keywords do they use to find your site?

Connect Google Analytics to Wix

To connect Google Analytics to the Wicks website, you need to follow only two steps:

  1. Get a Google Analytics tracking ID.

  2. Add a Google Analytics property to your Wix site.

Step 1

Get a Google Analytics tracking ID. To do this, create a new Google account.

how to add google analytics to wix

Create a new mail.

google analytics wix

Next, go to the official Google Analytics website to log in.

add google analytics to wix

Write the name of the Account, check the boxes next to the necessary items and proceed to the next step.

connect google analytics to wix

Also, specify the name, time zone, and currency to configure the Resource. Next, click Advanced settings to connect Universal Analytics (the previous version of Analytics).

Google analytics on Wix site

Additional settings make it possible to connect Google Analytics correctly. Google Analytics 4 (new version) is automatically connected. Still, it does not have a column with Views, without which, for example, you cannot set up goals, and many other functions are missing. Therefore, we connect the old and new versions so we can switch between them later.

Enter the site URL and check the box opposite - create two Analytics (previous and new version).

connect wix to google analytics

Next, add information about the business.

how to add google analytics to wix

Accept the user agreement.

google analytics wix

Sharing access with colleagues.

add google analytics to wix

Check the boxes next to the required access for colleagues. But be careful. You can give full access only to those you know well.

Now copy the embed code into WIX. To do this, go to Admin > Resource > Tracking Information > Tracking Code.

connect google analytics to wix

And copy the Tracking ID.

connect wix to google analytics

Step 2

Adding a Google Analytics Resource to a Wix Site. Go to Marketing & SEO > Marketing Integrations.

connect wix to google analytics

We connect Google Analytics.

Paste the tracking code and save. Ready!

google analytics wix

It may take time to see statistics in your Google Analytics account.

Google Analytics for Wix

As you can see, it's pretty fast. After going through a few steps, you get access to detailed statistics about what is happening on your site. Some statistics are easy to interpret and understand, such as the number of visitors and how long they stay on the site. A lot of data has a deeper meaning and can be interpreted in many ways. For complete data analysis, you will need the services of SEO specialists, marketers or designers.

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