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Kempkens X Kohler

Kempkens X Kohler



Project Overview:
Kempkens x Kohler is a rapidly growing firm in the German-speaking boutique executive search sector, focusing on building and maintaining legacies for scaling and established companies. The firm is specialized in finding exceptional, legacy-driven leaders through a deep understanding of partner situations, supported by substantial entrepreneurial and managerial experience.
Key Features:
Highly Tailored Executive Search: The firm operates as a boutique, handling a select few searches at a time to provide artisanal service to its partners.
Collaborative Client Relationship: Kempkens x Kohler acts as a trusted advisor and an integral part of HR teams, ensuring transparency and effective communication in all operations.
Strategic Candidate Identification: Their process includes a detailed briefing, thorough research, calibration of candidate profiles, and comprehensive assessments during candidate sprints.
Effective Closure Strategy: The firm also provides guidance on closing strategies, salary negotiations, and stakeholder management.
Technologies Used:
Boutique Service Approach: The firm’s artisan approach to executive search ensures personalized and detailed attention to each client’s unique needs.
Streamlined Process for Efficiency: The search process is designed to be fast and efficient, leveraging the firm's deep network and expertise to rapidly place candidates.
Kempkens x Kohler has demonstrated success in its field, with 95% of projects completed successfully. Their approach focuses on rapid execution, averaging 7 weeks from search initiation to signing with the ideal candidate, mainly targeting senior executive roles across various industries.


Kempkens X Kohler