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Construction Consultancy Enterprise Client

Construction Consultancy Enterprise Client




A leading global engineering, management, and development consultancy firm aimed to enhance its digital presence with a sophisticated, user-friendly website capable of supporting its extensive global operations. The organization required a platform that could effectively showcase its vast array of services and projects while handling high traffic volumes typical of a multinational corporation. To achieve this, the firm selected Wix Enterprise for its scalability, advanced features, and dedicated support. The development of the website was expertly managed by Davydov Consulting.


The firm faced several significant challenges in its digital transformation journey:

1. Complex Service Portfolio: The existing website was not effectively showcasing the diverse range of services and projects, making it challenging for clients and stakeholders to find relevant information.
2. Global Accessibility and Performance: As a company with operations in multiple countries, consistent website performance across different regions was crucial.
3. Integration with Existing Systems: Seamless integration with the company's existing project management and internal communication systems was essential.
4. User Experience (UX) and Navigation: The previous website's user interface was not optimized for the best user experience, leading to navigation and information retrieval issues.


The firm collaborated closely with Davydov Consulting to develop a tailored solution:

1. Customized Service Display: Leveraging Wix's versatile website building tools, the firm launched a website that effectively categorized and displayed its wide range of services and projects, enhancing user engagement.
2. Global Scalability: Wix Enterprise provided a robust infrastructure that ensured consistent website performance globally, accommodating various regional requirements.
3. System Integration: The new website was seamlessly integrated with the firm’s existing project management and internal systems, improving workflow and data consistency.
4. Enhanced UX Design: Utilizing Wix’s premium design templates and customization options, the website was redesigned to offer an intuitive and user-friendly experience, tailored to the needs of the firm's diverse clientele.
5. Dedicated Support and Training: Wix Enterprise’s dedicated support and training empowered the firm’s team to efficiently manage the website and address technical issues promptly.


The redevelopment of the firm’s website using Wix Enterprise yielded significant improvements:

1. Enhanced User Engagement: The new website saw an increase in user engagement, with visitors spending more time exploring the various services and projects.
2. Consistent Global Performance: The website maintained excellent performance and accessibility globally, with minimal downtime.
3. Streamlined Operations: The integration with internal systems led to more efficient operations, reducing the time and resources needed for website management and data handling.
4. Increased Client Satisfaction: The improved UX and easy navigation resulted in positive feedback from clients and stakeholders, enhancing the company's professional image.
5. Operational Efficiency: The training and support provided by Wix Enterprise enabled the internal team to manage the website effectively, reducing reliance on external IT support.


The transformation of this leading consultancy firm’s website using Wix Enterprise, executed by Davydov Consulting, stands as a testament to the effectiveness of Wix as a scalable, robust, and user-friendly website solution for large, multinational corporations. The project not only addressed the initial challenges but also set a new standard for the company's digital presence, aligning it with its reputation as a leader in its sector. This case study demonstrates the potential of Wix Enterprise in supporting complex, global business requirements while providing a seamless and engaging user experience.


Construction Consultancy Enterprise Client