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Author Website on Wix

Author Website on Wix

Promote The Written Word With Author Sites On Wix

Nowadays, anyone has the potential to release a book. However, writing the content is only part of the journey, as the promotion will be needed to ensure people are aware of your work. In addition to promoting books you’ve already written, author sites on Wix can also be used to keep fans informed about upcoming releases.

Why a Wix Author Website is Worth Consideration 

When considering the options available regarding website design, authors will be keen for a flexible option that can be easily updated. Using Wix for an author website allows for this and ensures users can create an online presence that fits the tone of their books. 

As the site grows, plenty of options allow the website to be scaled accordingly, including the use of premium design tools like Velo and Editor X, and adding a blog or e-commerce to the site. As well as allowing for unique elements, these tools can also ensure websites are optimized for viewing on all devices.

Davydov Consulting Can Create the Best Wix Author Website 

Every author will have a unique style when writing, and will want this reflected to create the best Wix author website. Those sellinig books that are educational can opt for a streamlined design, while those writing fantasy fiction will want somethign that reflects the world they created. 

Whatever your website goals are, Davydov Consultinf can create the best Wix author website that looks great while also offering a fantastic user experience. 

Authors can also include additional elements in their website, including blogs and social media. If you’re searching for new ways to promote your books online they why not get in touch with us to discus your requirements in more detail.

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