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Hotel Website on Wix

Hotel Website on Wix

Promote Your Premises Online with a Hotel Website on Wix

Do you rent out accommodation to tourists and locals? If you do and you’re still not taking advantage of Wix, you could miss out on others enjoying your premises. Although a hotel website on Wix can help increase bookings, this isn’t the only perk when promoting your premises online.

A Hotel Website with Wix Provides Everything You Need for Online Recognition 

Designing a hotel website with Wix ensures customers can make online bookings easily and leave reviews of how much they loved their stay. You can also use Wix hotel sites to showcase the unique personality of your accommodation.

It’s not only hotels, motels, and bed and breakfasts that can benefit from Wix website design, as those providing simple but effective accommodation for travellers can also use the platform to connect with a niche audience. 

Although there is nothing wrong with luxury accommodation, many will be pining for something affordable and rustic. Using Wix ensures all types of accommodation can be found by the right people online. 

Although many hotel and inn owners can easily create a hotel website with Wix, there will be times when a professional touch is required. Fortunately, outsourcing the creation of a Wix hotel booking site ensures inns, hotels, and motels can focus on keep=ing customers satisfied. In addition to professional Wix website design, Davydov Consulting can ensure that all the tools a customer needs:

  • Convenient booking system;

  • Secure payment platform;

  • Customizable catalog with filters (number of rooms, cost, furniture, etc.);

  • Reviews section;

  • Online consultant;

  • Gallery;

  • 3D room tour and much more.

Davydov Consulting Know How to Create a Professional and Effective Hotel With Wix 

We at Davydov Consulting understand that no two hotels or motels are the same. We will ensure that the website's design reflects the nature of the business while offering informational and entertaining content that keeps customers' information and aids with search engine results. 

There is no limit to the possibilities available with Wix, especially when it is used by experienced and passionate professionals who understand what is needed for effective online promotion.

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