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Mobile Apps for Wix Site

Mobile Apps for Wix Site

Velo Code Solution

We are excited to share with you that our Webdesign agency has upskilled some of our developers to create built from zero iOS / Android apps. In 2021 we have launched 3 apps for both platforms so we are now Webdesign and mobile development agency.

We have previously sent a newsletter regarding Wix Branded app. This must not be confused with custom build a mobile app from zero. The difference is that Wix Branded App can put your name into App Store and Play Market but the app interface is limited by what can be achieved through Wix mobile app constructor. Another difference is that wix branded app is on average 5-10 times cheaper to create than custom-built app. Things like wix shop and wix bookings are available in wix branded app, but plugins like restaurant for example are not yet. Also, there is absolutely no support whatsoever of wix content manage/databases. This is when customers do order mobile app built from zero where any required function can be built.

Mobile apps built through Android studio and XCode have virtually no restrictions on what can be done. Moreover, we have mastered the way to synchronise the content of these apps with wix site databases. So there are two possible ways to build content flow:

·       One-way. Use Wix store and Wix booking databases to show content in apps. In this case apps will only show info from the content manager as is but not send any changes back.
·       Two-way. Where customers can start writing messages on Wix website and then carry on typing it on the app. Or when saved to favourites on the phone updates favourites list on the website.


Swift, kotlin, xcode, android studio