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Advanced Store Filters Integration in Wix

Advanced filters in Wix

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By adding filters, your customers will have the opportunity to search for products or services conveniently, and it also saves time searching for a product.

Filters are now the norm and a necessity for any store, as it allows customers to reduce the search for what they need. At the current time, the absence of filters can repel customers.

Since this is not a "user-friendly" experience, it can be compared to shopping in a store. For example, if the goods were scattered in the store, people would go and rummage in search of the right one. In other words, the logistics would be broken. Also, if everything is in a heap without some kind of filtering, it will be inconvenient and will not attract customers.

Wix Advanced Filters Features

Adding an advanced store filter to your Wix site gives you the following options.

  • Optimization and acceleration of the product search process

  • Improvement of "friendly interface."

Contact us if you want to add advanced store filters to your Wix site.


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