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Wix Editor X Switch to Wix Studio in 2024

Updated: Mar 6

In 2024, Wix will be switching all Editor X sites to Wix Studio, a new unified web development platform that combines the best of Editor X with new features and capabilities. This switch will allow Wix to offer a more streamlined and powerful web development experience for all users, regardless of their skill level.

Wix Studio Editor
Wix Studio Editor

In 2024, Wix embarked on a significant transition, moving from its established Editor X platform to the new Wix Studio. This move was initiated to provide an enhanced platform specifically tailored for agencies and freelancers. The transition marked a notable development as Wix Studio came with a promise of delivering an end-to-end solution with smart design capabilities and flexible development tools that cater to various industries.

The journey from Editor X to Wix Studio was orchestrated to be smooth. Existing users of Editor X or the classic Wix Editor were provided with invitations to switch to a Wix Studio account. This approach was part of a gradual release strategy aimed at ensuring a seamless transition for all users, reassuring them that their previous work would not be lost in the switch.

One of the key aspects of this transition was the migration of existing sites from Editor X to Wix Studio. Starting in December 2023, Wix began rolling out the option to migrate sites from Editor X to Wix Studio. This process was executed gradually to guarantee a seamless migration. The migration tool, once available to everyone, marked the closure of the option to create new sites on Editor X, thereby encouraging the use of Wix Studio for new projects. Despite this closure, users who had already commenced projects on Editor X were allowed to continue, with a strong recommendation to utilize Wix Studio for any new projects due to its enhanced features.

While the closure of new site creation on Editor X might have stirred concerns, the Wix team ensured that users were well-informed and provided with ample notice before these changes were implemented. Additionally, for those who had never used Editor X before, the option to create new sites was closed, and they were directed to use Wix Studio instead.

Furthermore, the advanced features that were originally part of Editor X were not discarded; instead, they were integrated into Wix Studio, creating a more comprehensive platform for web development. This integration aimed at offering a robust platform capable of delivering exceptional results for web development projects.

The discourse around the migration also touched on the possibility of migrating sites from the classic Wix Editor to Wix Studio. However, as of the last update, a migration tool for this specific transition wasn't in the plans for 2024, indicating that the focus was primarily on transitioning Editor X users and sites to the new Wix Studio platform.

The transition to Wix Studio underscores Wix's commitment to evolving its platform to meet the needs of its diverse user base, particularly focusing on agencies and freelancers who require a flexible and powerful platform to cater to their clients' needs. With the advent of Wix Studio, users are now presented with a platform packed with powerful design features, collaborative workspaces, and the promise of delivering exceptional work at scale.

Wix Studio Editor
Wix Studio Editor

Why the switch to Wix Studio? There are several reasons why Wix is making the switch to Wix Studio:

To unify the Wix web development experience. Wix Studio will provide a single platform for users to create and manage their websites, regardless of which Editor they used to create them. This will simplify the workflow for users and make it easier for them to find the tools and resources they need.

To provide a more powerful and flexible web development platform. Wix Studio is built on a new codebase that offers a number of advantages over Editor X, including:

  • More control over the design and layout of your website

  • More powerful development tools and APIs

  • Better performance and scalability

To introduce new features and capabilities. Wix Studio will include a number of new features and capabilities that are not available in Editor X, such as:

  • A new AI-powered design assistant that can help you create beautiful and professional websites without any coding knowledge

  • A new code editor that supports a wider range of programming languages

  • New features for collaboration and team management

What to expect during the switch Wix will be making the switch to Wix Studio gradually over the next few months. All existing Editor X sites will be migrated to Wix Studio automatically. Users will be able to continue using their Editor X sites until the migration process is complete. During the migration process, users may experience some minor disruptions to their websites. However, Wix will be working hard to minimize the impact on users and ensure a smooth transition.

How to prepare for the switch There are a few things that users can do to prepare for the switch to Wix Studio:

  • Update your Wix account to the latest version. This will ensure that you have access to the latest features and bug fixes.

  • Back up your website. This is a good practice to do on a regular basis, but it is especially important during a time of change.

  • Familiarize yourself with the Wix Studio interface. You can do this by watching the tutorial videos on the Wix website or by reading the Wix Studio documentation.

The switch to Wix Studio is an exciting development for Wix users. Wix Studio will provide a more powerful and flexible web development platform with a number of new features and capabilities. If you are currently using Wix Editor X, there is no need to worry. Wix will be migrating all Editor X sites to Wix Studio automatically. During the migration process, you can continue using your Editor X site as usual.

We recommend that you take some time to prepare for the switch by updating your Wix account, backing up your website, and familiarizing yourself with the Wix Studio interface.


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