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new website DESIGN TRENDS in 2021

Updated: May 9, 2022

New website in 2021

Web design and development is an ever-evolving field. Rapid changes as developers endeavor to keep up with the changing consumer taste and preference while staying ahead curve means more innovative trends. This is not o mention concerns such as SEO, as various users strive to hit the best search engine's results page position. Each year, new trends emerge, exciting not just the design and developers but end users. Here are some of the trends highlighting the ever-evolving web-design scenery.

Retro style

The good old times, an aspect that seems to be everywhere, including big Hollywood merchandise, is also making its way in website designs. Websites like Block Rage have excelled at creating that nostalgic feeling. A retro style, from fonts and splashing the site with nostalgic elements like how Block Rage site does with old video games, is a trend that won't sow in 2021.

Emended videos

Videos have been working well, especially as users can easily beat the boredom of reading a plain text block. Embedding videos, nonetheless, can be tricky, especially as you strive to enhance interactive engagements. The trend that seems to catch on in 2021 is videos emended on the homepage, as seen on Videos effectively create a vivid idea about products/services, and when creatively embedded on the homepage, sites can quickly capture and maintain users' interest.

Modern minimalism

Minimalistic designs offer a sleek look and enhanced user experience. The trend has carried on in 2021, with new and old sites showcasing various minimalistic ideas. Apple is known for its minimalistic designs but with certain sophistication levels that seamlessly blend across the pages. Modern minimalism endeavors to provide a clean, simple, and catchy website that can quickly capture users' attention and ease their interactions with various sections.


Animations have been making significant strides, and in 2021, more innovative measures are making the trend a huge thing. Rotating animations are quickly spreading, mainly due to the unique experience. The Disruption Company has a new website featuring rotating animations. Every page load showcases a different animation, a refreshing feature that gives users a unique and memorable experience.

Scrolling experience

Horizontal scrolling was once considered a mistake in the website design environment. In 2021, it is quickly coming back, especially with creative options that enhance a user's experience. Options such as animated transitions, color scheme changes, and shifts in layout make the new websites more interactive and aesthetically appealing.

Color palette

Bold colors continue to be significant in 2021. However, noting that the modern, fast-paced world sees people spending considerable time on screens, comfortable colors are the new-thing. In 2021, website designs featuring colors that are easier on the eyes will continue to rise. It is normal to experience eye strain after hours of staring at the screens, affecting your productivity. Designers acknowledge the concern, and with comfortable colors, websites can alleviate the issue, helping users keep working.

Mobile-focused websites are the new normal, but you need to consider aspects that affect a user's experience beyond it. You want a website that will capture user's attention within a few seconds and keep them engaged long enough to convert them into qualified leads.


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