What is effective website development?


90% of searches come from mobile devices. A website is unlikely to help you make a profit if it is not user-friendly and looks bad on smartphones and tablets. In addition, search engines downgrade resources that do not have mobile versions. All our sites are responsive.


The information on the pages should be updated. Static information that does not change over the years does not inspire confidence in the company, its products and services. Adding sections, products, descriptions, adjusting contact information and forms - you can perform these tasks yourself if the web resource is created on a convenient platform.


A site cannot be called effective if there are no visitors to it. Most of the clients come from Google and social media. Before ordering website development, make sure that the developers will be able to provide opportunities for its optimization in search engines.


A pleasant colour scheme, arrangement of elements in expected places and an easy-to-read font will facilitate interaction with the online platform. The visitor will pay more attention to your products if he does not have to search the catalog for a long time.

ecommerce development london
ecommerce web design london

E-commerce Design

Ecommerce Website Design & Development

E-commerce site help scale your business, expand your target audience and attract more customers. It is a powerful tool for empowering a company. Modern sites look simple, stylish and functional. We offer comprehensive development from idea to launch and support.

ecommerce website design london

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Main types of e-commerce

E-commerce falls into several well-established categories. These are the ones that we most often meet in everyday life:

There are other schemes, mainly, these are narrow branches of the already listed categories.



Consumer-to-consumer scheme. An example is the Amazon trading platform, eBay, and the like, where a person, even if he is not an entrepreneur, can put up something for sale.



Business-to-business scheme. It is characterized by the sale of wholesale lots of goods from the manufacturer to the dealer. The dealer gives the goods to small wholesale online stores, from where they go to the end consumer. Actually, this is the third main category of e-trade.



Exchange-to-exchange. On the Internet, the term E2E is used to refer to the exchange of information or transactions between websites, which themselves serve as exchanges or brokers for the exchange of goods and services between businesses. A simple example: a transaction from an electronic wallet to a bank card. E2E can be thought of as a form of B2B.



This includes paying taxes, utilities, licenses, and so on. Also, citizens receive the necessary state information, which can no longer be called e-commerce.

To create an online store that will make a profit, it is not enough to add products to the site and integrate payment systems. First of all, you need a resource configured for sale.

The goal of a selling site is to turn a simple visitor, who has not yet decided whether he needs a product and whether he will buy it from you, into a buyer. And for this it follows:

  1. Create an attractive design and user-friendly interface for comfortable interaction of the client with the resource.

  2. Provide complete information about the product.

  3. Attract attention with a unique selling proposition.

  4. Simplify the buying process as much as possible.

Development of an online store

ecommerce website london

The price of developing an online store is formed individually. It depends on several key factors:

  1. Working hours of specialists. As a rule, this is the determining factor. The price is based on how many hours of work of designers, layout designers and programmers are needed to create a project.

  2. Technologies used. The cost of creating an online store depends on the complexity of the technologies with which it is created. The prices for the services of programmers in different languages ​​are very different.

  3. The number of landing pages. It is not difficult to create a page, but in order for it to generate sales, it must be optimized and filled with unique content. And this will require the services of copywriters.

What determines the cost of an online store

ecommerce website development london

To expand your customer base, you need to form a marketing strategy that will allow you to effectively and timely use marketing tools.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the most important traffic source for an online store. On average, search engines bring about 50% of visitors to a site. Therefore, even at the development stage, it is important to pay attention to search engine optimization:

  1. formation of the semantic core;

  2. setting up the correct indexing of the resource;

  3. formation of CNC;

  4. generation of unique meta tags;

  5. removal of full and partial page duplicates;

  6. content optimization.


Components of a successful online store

As we defined above, the goal of a store is to sell, but in order to achieve it, the following factors are important:

  • selling design;

  • well thought-out structure: products are grouped in a system of categories and subcategories in such a way that it was easy to find them without a search function;

  • the ability to filter products by various parameters;

  • search function;

  • the ability to compare several commodity items;

  • representation of goods: detailed descriptions, photos and video reviews;

  • responsive design for all types of devices (PCs, tablets, smartphones, etc.), OS and browsers;

  • uninterrupted work;

  • high speed of loading pages (no longer than 3 seconds);

  • quality service;

  • social proof: customer reviews and ratings.

Each of these points affects the user's purchasing decision. But this increases sales when the user is already on the site. For the resource to be profitable, it is also important to attract targeted visitors. To do this, you need to configure the main traffic sources:

  • search results (SEO);

  • social networks (SMM);

  • advertising channels (PPC and display advertising);

  • email marketing;

  • content marketing.

Before ordering the creation of an online store, it is important to clearly understand what needs to be obtained in the end. This requires a niche marketing analysis:

  1. determine the number of commodity items and the average purchase receipt;

  2. conduct market analysis;

  3. conduct competitive research;

  4. highlight your own target audience and compose her portrait.

How to start creating an online store from scratch

ecommerce web design company london

This allows you to understand what the site should be like in order to stand out favorably in your own niche. A marketing strategy is needed even before the first development task is given to a specialist - this is the guarantee of the selling site.


If you want to get more detailed information about the development of an online store, book a free consultation or leave a request in the contact form. One of our key areas of focus is e-commerce projects. Our experts will be able to guide you on the timing and cost of development, and, if necessary, will conduct marketing research in your niche.