Sterling Development believes that HR must not be only seen as an administrative department. An HR department must have an important influence on shareholder value. HR is never only cost to be minimised.

HR must transform itself from Human Resource Management (HRM) to Human Capital Management (HCM). This requires that your organisation thinks of HR and its services, first and foremost, as a source of strategy implementation and a way to achieve business priorities. 

The number one priority for Sterling Development is to help your organisation to develop the perspective and competence to solve business problems. HR matters when it can point to human capital problems that limit the ability of your business to achieve priorities and can provide HR solutions to those problems.

The number two priority for Sterling Development is to help HR become a strategic core competency. This means that it must create measurable shareholder value. Otherwise, it may simply become a commodity that can be benchmarked.

The number three priority for Sterling Development is to help HR to understand the human capital dimension of each of your organisation’s key priorities and be able to communicate how solving people (human capital) problems will directly affect operating performance.

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